Friday, 14 January 2011

Personal Best Review

Quoted from the LCC Head of College Blog:

"Final year BA Graphic and Media Design, Design for Illustration students are showing some (pretty accomplished) works in progress right now in LCC’s Well Gallery. Amidst a frenzy of looming dissertation deadlines and other (requisite) final year anxieties, they present to the world Personal Best.

Walking through the gallery, what’s most striking is the fact that much of the show is not centred on drawing. There are of course beautiful, literal, illustrations: Hanna Yoo’s sinuous patterns are meticulous and organic simultaneously, and Kirsten Abildgaard’s study on Narwhal Tusks uses a combination of text and painterly marks that is both eye-catching and engaging.

But then there is Julian Camillo's taxidermy hare, replete with a plant growing straight from its middle. It is beautiful and beguiling, but how is it illustration?

Visualisation is a key word, and students are encouraged to not limit theirs for the sake of convention. “Paul Bowman (Illustration Pathway Leader) really tries to get everyone to explore their own way of working and not follow current trends,” says student, Oliver Robson.

There is more typography, photographic work and mixed-media collage.  Robert Flanagan’s film animates his monotone, abstract mark-making and Sean Parker has created an installation, Unmonuments, in one corner.

On Thursday 13 January, the students will also be hosting a Private View and Silent Print Auction feauturing their own work as well as that of established illustrators such as Rob Ryan, Martin O’Neill and Gemma Correl. All money raised goes towards staging their degree show in the summer.
Despite the stressful timing, Oliver considers this annual tradition “a good thing – it really steps up the level of work.” So if anyone’s left out there who thinks being an art student’s easy, let this interim show prove otherwise!
The show runs until 13 January. Private View and Silent Print Auction 6pm-9pm."
As far as im concerned thats a pretty adequate account of the show, It was a major success and we raised lots of money for our external summer show (watch this space) Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.
Flan x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Personal Best Silent Print Auction - My Contirbution

Please come along and bid on this alongside many other amazing contributions from;


Personal Best Exhibition & Silent Auction
London College of Communication
Well & Atrium Galleries
Thursday 13th January  6-9pm

Monday, 10 January 2011

Personal Best Exhibtion & Silent Auction 13th January 6pm

Final Year Illustration Interim Exhibition @ London College of Communication, 
Well Gallery 10th Jan until 14th Jan
Private View & Silent Auction : Thursday 13th Jan 6pm

Lots of donations to our silent auction, thanks to all, come and check it out to grab yourself a bargain and support the cause.

See you all Thursday, 
Love Flan x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Personal Best - were putting it up right now (Opens Jan 10th)

Just a little reminder that we have a show starting next week on the 10th of January, its looking good already, will post up the full details soon, heres a little look at how were using the typeface (see previous post) for some signage and names etc instead of the somewhat customary vinyl lettering were wheat-pasting all this up around the gallery.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Personal Best Exhibition - Typeface

So Ive been working on this typeface for an upcoming exhibition at London College of Communication, Its a final year illustration interim exhibition entitled 'Personal Best' the imagery were working with for the design of this exhibition is celebration achievement but in a tongue in cheek way ( to try and avoid the egotistic aspects of the name and focus on beating your own personal targets.

Here is the typeface which I designed with the help of Anthony Chapman and Oliver Robson, the typeface is based around the LCD digital clock/stopwatch, in which world records and other sporting achievements are displayed and recorded.

We should have a poster done over the next couple of days as we are putting up the show next week, watch this space for more details.

Flan x

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bye Bye Miami

So its the end of another placement, Im leaving Miami tomorrow for England's sunny shores. Last night was our exhibition at the art centre, I finished my collage, but the project itself is still a work in progress, heres a couple of pics from the show.

I rented a scooter for my last few days here to get out and explore a little, I went to Key Biscayne National Park, which was lovely, there was a lighthouse and lots of big spiders. Scootering about was fun and Ive seen a lot more of the city, will post up some pics when i get the films developed.

See you all back in Blighty
Flan x

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Miami Week 4 - Work Work Work

So Ive been looking at this atomic bomb stuff recently and started by going to the library and using the microfiche readers which are great, to find original articles/images/reaction and context to some of the most significant explosions, the ads look great they could be a project in themselves.

On the day that the soviets tested there first ever nuclear weapon, this article was published in the New York Times saying that the Soviets do not have the "H-Bomb."

Some amazing slow-mo pics of a bomb test in nevada + ink, more to come.

The area of London that would be completely destroyed by the largest nuclear weapon ever tested (Tsar Bomba) The 'Total Destruction' zone shown here expands outside the M25. There would be little or no survivors from this area, although the total damage is far greater than this (up to distances of 1000km) the shockwave travelled around the earth three times.

A collage of a mushroom cloud, text is a statement made by the US defense office the day after they dropped nukes on hiroshima and nagasaki, it continues to plan 3 further detonations in September.

Mushroom Cloud (tsar bomba) collage mock up.

Projecting the image to trace.

First Outline

Fractal-isation of drawing for collage.

Close up of the 'to collage' areas.

The force of the Tsar Bomba explosion was 50,000 kt, Hiroshima was only 15kt and nagasaki 21kt, the second largest ever tested is Bravo (USA) 25,000kt. The plan is to collage in the areas with photos of other explosions so that the combined KT of all the bombs in the photos add up to 50,000.

Im just about to go an photocopy the above pics (set of 50) as im not sure weather i want to use the colour photographs for realism or more textured black and white, enlarged photocopies.

This is where ive been hanging out to relax, this is the waterfront 30 seconds from my house, and then i jump over the fence to hang in the pool (below)

So Im looking forward at my last week in Miami, we have an exhibition in the studio on Saturday 4th September, so I need to try and finish this collage by tomorrow so I have the rest of the week to decide wether i like it or not and do something else. At least I have something to show. 

Until then folks, all my love. 
Flan. x