Sunday, 28 February 2010

Week 3: And thats the double truth. Ruth.

Arrgh what a week, still no bloody job but things have taken a strange course of events. I heard back from the first place finally and they said that they found someone else who could intern for 5 months rather than 3 so this would be better for them! which is super annoying as i would love to stay for longer but hey.

On the flipside I had a really great interview with Hugo & Marie and they were great, they seemed to really like my work and said that aside from the possibility of a part time internship with them they will put my name about and talk to people they know who make and love this kind of work and recommend me for an internship. I have to email them and hopefully together we will sort something out. I really hope so because im itching to get into work.  Now its almost a month and no job. Epic fail!

And yes its been snowing lots and lots and lots, so not perfect weather for trawling door to door with your portfolio but hey by monday ill be able to make a go of it fingers crossed. Last night was an epic houseparty at the girls flat, had an amazing time and thats cheered me up some.

 Jobs aside, Ive Been having so much fun though done lots of walking and exploring with a little partying thrown in. I went to this one place that blew me away its called the high line, its a park that has been developed on an elevated, dissused subway track its one of only 2 elevated parks in the world and i loved it.

They have left the original tracks and the overgrown feel of the abandoned rail line but developed walkways and paths / benches around these spaces, its really well done and a great place to watch the sun go down.

Spent ages here just taking photos, didnt get any great ones but im not too bothered got plenty to remember it by, bet its amazing in the summer.

After ages looking I finally found the Lomo gallery store and bought a 35mm back for my diana and lots of film so im sure very soon some results will be posted up here.

So yes the week started badly but im definatly having an amazing time, money is tight and no i dont have job but as soon as this snow clears up ( hopefully tomorrow ) I'll get something sorted. 

Love as allways, Flan.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Week 2 (a little late): You th' man im just visiting.

Yes yes so ive got an apartment in BK which is sweet as, sick nieghbourhood right near prospect park and i love it.
Its fucking snowing everywhere and no i still dont have a job but this week has all been about brooklyn. all i have done is walk the sidewalks and ride the subway to explore my new neighbourhood, and a few bars too.

Also hit up a few this week, the problem doesn't seem to be getting interviews, it seems to be hearing back from them. I had a really interesting meeting with David from Ministry of Culture, he would like me to get involved in the production of a handbook for a project of his called 'prudent boozers' it seems pretty interesting so i will chase him up about that once ive done a bit of research. Two more interviews on the cards for next week so fingers crossed.

Found out some weird stuff this week, they dont have duvets just like these comforter things which you cant take the cover off so its a bit weird, you have to wash the whole thing every time, which is LONG! even the simplest things are hard to find here. needed some PVA and Lining Paper to make a new sketchbook but surprise surprise count find them in the end hit up a home depot in red hook, the area was mental must go back to take some photos. Im still finding everything very expensive, given up meat in a big way because its gross and too many dollar! 

Im working on lots of things and projects but if im honest I just need a job to give me some focus so i can settle down and stop freaking out. With love to you all back home.
Allways Flan. x

Monday, 8 February 2010

Week 1= B is for Beyonce, Brooklyn & Burgers

So Ive been here a week now and its great Ive had an interview already and received really good feedback on my work and hopefully will hear from them over the next few days. I also have 2 more interviews lined up for next week so we'll see, its still early days.

I am currently living upstate about an hour north of NYC but should be moving into brooklyn on 11th, just sorting out the last things like deposits and keys etc so very excited. My train from the north arrives into Grand Central so arriving for the first time was pretty mental, too many film references. I haven't really done any touristy things yet just been walking up and down the grid system and riding the subway generally exploring.

I am trying to get all the bog-standard, cliched and touristy photos out of my system first so i can maybe start taking some interesting ones, Im sure lots more interesting stuff will start happening when i finally move into the big city next week. Saying that its beautiful up here, theres lots of trees and the rivers and lakes all all frozen over, I tried to walk out over the river but got scared and came back, pretty cool though.

Oh yeah, was the Superbowl last night and that was pretty cool, people get super hyped about it over here and thy have these pools where you put in $20 pick out a number and the long and short of it is i won $200! I have allready found my fave diner just down the way, it pretty epic...

And finally, I saw Beyonce in Macys, pretty weird, also cool. Until next week. 

Love Flan. x