Monday, 8 February 2010

Week 1= B is for Beyonce, Brooklyn & Burgers

So Ive been here a week now and its great Ive had an interview already and received really good feedback on my work and hopefully will hear from them over the next few days. I also have 2 more interviews lined up for next week so we'll see, its still early days.

I am currently living upstate about an hour north of NYC but should be moving into brooklyn on 11th, just sorting out the last things like deposits and keys etc so very excited. My train from the north arrives into Grand Central so arriving for the first time was pretty mental, too many film references. I haven't really done any touristy things yet just been walking up and down the grid system and riding the subway generally exploring.

I am trying to get all the bog-standard, cliched and touristy photos out of my system first so i can maybe start taking some interesting ones, Im sure lots more interesting stuff will start happening when i finally move into the big city next week. Saying that its beautiful up here, theres lots of trees and the rivers and lakes all all frozen over, I tried to walk out over the river but got scared and came back, pretty cool though.

Oh yeah, was the Superbowl last night and that was pretty cool, people get super hyped about it over here and thy have these pools where you put in $20 pick out a number and the long and short of it is i won $200! I have allready found my fave diner just down the way, it pretty epic...

And finally, I saw Beyonce in Macys, pretty weird, also cool. Until next week. 

Love Flan. x


  1. Dude think I might do some pasteups, won't be the same without you, thus one might have to come and get up in Bethlehem with yourself. More Bloggings! we call want to know what's going on!x

  2. yo flan, im pretty sure I've been to that surf bar, was it in Williamsburg with a tiny bit of outdoor seating and a tank with dog fish in it? surf shack something or other with some kind of skull and crossbones logo riiiiiight? x x x