Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Week 2 (a little late): You th' man im just visiting.

Yes yes so ive got an apartment in BK which is sweet as, sick nieghbourhood right near prospect park and i love it.
Its fucking snowing everywhere and no i still dont have a job but this week has all been about brooklyn. all i have done is walk the sidewalks and ride the subway to explore my new neighbourhood, and a few bars too.

Also hit up a few this week, the problem doesn't seem to be getting interviews, it seems to be hearing back from them. I had a really interesting meeting with David from Ministry of Culture, he would like me to get involved in the production of a handbook for a project of his called 'prudent boozers' it seems pretty interesting so i will chase him up about that once ive done a bit of research. Two more interviews on the cards for next week so fingers crossed.

Found out some weird stuff this week, they dont have duvets just like these comforter things which you cant take the cover off so its a bit weird, you have to wash the whole thing every time, which is LONG! even the simplest things are hard to find here. needed some PVA and Lining Paper to make a new sketchbook but surprise surprise count find them in the end hit up a home depot in red hook, the area was mental must go back to take some photos. Im still finding everything very expensive, given up meat in a big way because its gross and too many dollar! 

Im working on lots of things and projects but if im honest I just need a job to give me some focus so i can settle down and stop freaking out. With love to you all back home.
Allways Flan. x

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  1. Ha ha given up meat!? shiit never thought I'd hear that. Dude you'll be fine getting a job don't worry! If all fails do as you said and hit them up in person! And get on some personal projects homes!