Saturday, 13 March 2010

Week 4/5: pistes, 151proof and finally a placement

So yes i do finally have a job, but its only part time placement at the moment, im working witgh a company called the partners which are a branding agency, which isnt really my thing but they seem to approach work in a more general graphic design context which is cool, working on some projects for them mostly like editorial book cover type stuff quite exciting but mostly working on other peoples concepts that need developing rather than starting from scratch, but its good experience.

This week was NY art fair week and by far the highlight was a show called Independent New York, which as the name would suggest is a joint exhibition between lots of independent graphic design studios and galleries from NY and elsewhere.

It was really interesting to see personal projects from designers working in more of an art context. Dexter Sinister's B/W prints were super cool and they had this massive rat that moved around and talked was pretty freaky. 

I finally went skiing, it was the hottest day we've had so far, now my face is BURNT but was cool to be able to ski without full winter gear, and get to get back on the slopes, hopefully we will hit lake placid next time and get 2 more days of skiing before the end of the season.

Been hanging out in Brooklyn more this week and found this amazing cocktail bar with positively evil cocktails made with plenty of 151proof rum (76% alc) which im quite glad isnt very legal in the UK as its clearly the devils work but this place isnt. theres a floor made of real sand a ceiling made of real surfboards and a jukebox playing weird and wonderful mix of old surf tunes and random uk indie, i guess it sounds a bit cheesy but its a tiny little place so its much better in real life, check out the amazing glasses they have if you need any more proof.

And finally, went to a fucking amazing gig this week, Dam Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf & Spinna at the bowery ballroom which has to be one of the best venues ive ever been to for live music, it was a night of pure oldskool funk classics mixed up with hiphop and soul and just about everything else, PBW did a sick VDJ set at the same time as his regular set and dam funk stole the show with crazy pianoguitar solos  . by far the best music ive heard in NY to date. And once again thats all for this week folks, until next time, take care, travel safe and be cool.

Always, Love Flan x

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