Friday, 6 August 2010

Absence, Update

So iv'e been lazy in respect to blog-age lately and haven't updated since half way NYC which was ages ago, The last part of NYC was amazing, i really enjoyed working with the partners and dedicated my last weeks to seeing all the art exhibits and museums etc and was throughly blown away and terribly upset to have to leave such a wonderful city.  I arrived back in a rainy and cold London and was miserable for at least a week. 

I then worked for Gilles & Cecille, an amazing duo of designers/ illustrators who seem to believe that if you can design something then you can design anything, and as a result their work spans from architecture to fashion, graphics, illustration, product design etc. I was only here for a short time but really enjoyed working with them and learnt an awful lot, it was inspirational to see such a small studio with such wide reaching work, both geographically and creatively. 

Off the back of this I was asked to help out with Nous4M and architectural collaborative who were putting on an exhibition. It was great to work with a group of young architectural students from around the world. 

The main job in hand was to help set up the exhibition, build architectural models and make sure that the catalogue was presented as per the requirements of the Graphic Designers (G&C) who were away in Milan. The exhibition was a great success and the private view was lots of fun. 

A month later and Im sitting on a flight to Miami to work with illustrator Matu Croney, part of collective of artists illustrators and photographers based in South Florida, I arrived here two days ago and am already having a great time. I am committing to keep a much more regular update of what i'm up to over here and the work i'm doing.

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