Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bienvenido a Miami

So i've been here just over a week now and i must say its HOT as hell, we have had mental rainstorms like i've never seen before but no hurricanes as of yet. Im living with two guys Matu and Mario and were getting on really well, the apartment is pretty chic and theres an amazing house in coconut grove thats like a mansion out of scarface, that we have been staying in now and again but i haven't got any photos yet.

The studio space is really cool its part of a group of studios under the umbrella of the south florida art centre, residents include painters, sculptors, designers, illustrators, photographers, film makers, printmakers, and performers. Matu, LCC Illustration graduate in 2004, has a studio that is split into an exhibition space and a working space, at the moment he is working on a set of three large scale drawings  focussing on a supernova and the dialogue between destruction and beginning of new things.

On the first saturday of each month all the studios open up for a private view, last saturday was lots of fun and great to see all sorts of work some interesting some not so. One of the guys here did a residency at the north pole and at the south pole, and apparently the only people who can really do this are scientists and artists/creatives (god knows why) also as brits were in the best position to apply so i will get the details because it sounds both awesome and random. 

We also went to the Miami Museum of arts new talent late night event, the museum exposes local talent and invites people to come along after hours to see the work and take part, unfortunately the security were absolute nazis so i could only seek one photo! but its a pretty cool turbine thing and the discs are half white and half black but depending on the speed and direction on the turbines it tricks your eye into seeing it differently.

Today I went to the botanical garden and the Holocaust Memorial here, the statue below is pretty grim, but pretty cool you cant really see but the hand is made up of lots of bodies climbing over each other.

Much love from the Unique Design Boutique (I think this should be the name of my studio.)
Until next week folks, Flan xx

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