Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Diamond In Miami

So I went to the 'New Work Miami' show at the Miami Art Museum, Downtown. There was a performance going on (by Maria José Arjona) which was both interesting and weird. Basically she was tied to the wall in like a bondage corset and she was holding a diamond in her mouth, whoever could get the diamond from her could keep it. It was interesting to hear peoples pans to get the diamond from her, she was trying to explore power; sexual, physical and verbal etc. 

Peoples methods generally could be catergorised into three types, trying to get the diamond by force or attack, trying to seduce her/ using sexual persuasion to take it or trying to talk her into giving it to you. One guy just dropped his trousers and walked out, god knows what he thought that would achieve (she didnt seem impressed.) Another guy told her that if she gave him the diamond he would propose to his girlfriend and  a woman made the performer promise that if nobody else got the diamond from her this evening then she would give it to her. She asked them both to come back later. 

I decided to go in and remove all the bondage gear, ropes etc so that she would be just standing there in her normal plain dress. To take the extreme out of the situation and try to end the experiment (shed been stuck there for like 4 hours) and maybe get the diamond. She thanked me and then asked the two others to come back, she flipped a coin and then gave it to they guy who said he would propose. 

It was pretty random but quite interesting, this performance was the culmination of a series all about power, i generally think performance is a load of wank but in this case it was very interesting to see how an opportunity to receive financial gain can change the way people act/think and move the boundaries of what they are willing to do.

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