Monday, 23 August 2010

Miami Projects & Non Projects


So ive been here a couple of weeks now and been up to all sorts, Ive started a couple of projects for final year and we have an exhibition of the work were doing in 2 weeks so i need to really get moving towards something for the show. We've been looking at significant events that have happened ( everyday since I arrived) eg. august 12th soviets tested there first nuclear weapon, august 13th the people of berlin woke up to a city divided etc. Then going through these to find a significant and interesting event that people dont really know much about or has a significant back story that remains untold. In short were doing a lot of research to find interesting and true stories.

After exploring the most important or interesting events over a five day period in a variety of ways I have then selected a few events which i have particularly grabbed me during my research and have set about exploring these visually and in depth. Lots more sketchbook pics to come when I have more interesting things to show. 

We've also been doing quick collage workshops for 20-30 minutes everyday which has been interesting, sometimes the collages relate to the research and others dont but its a good excercise to remain visual when conducting quite text heavy research.

Ive also been working on some moving image animations stuff mostly trying to develop teqnique with experiments rather than to convey narrative. I saw this ( ) amazing video on ItsNiceThat a while ago and it has inspired these experiments.


You cant really see the video quality on here is shit but its just a quick 30 mins test. 


Ive done lots of exploring on the busses and the metromover which is like a monorail that goes round downtown miami its like a little toy train, its great and its free

Crazy Food


So we went to see Interpol at the Fillmore, Miami Beach. The concert was really good but the venue is SHIT, they cordened off the front standing area so only the first 150 people  in the door got wristbands to go there, apparently this was to avoid a 'dangerous crush' in reality it meant we were all pissed off because we paid $50 to stand 20 feet away from the gig. BULLSHIT. They played lots of new stuff and the new album sounds great, must download it , oh i mean buy it.

Thats right, until nest time folks.  Love Flan x

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