Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Miami Week 4 - Work Work Work

So Ive been looking at this atomic bomb stuff recently and started by going to the library and using the microfiche readers which are great, to find original articles/images/reaction and context to some of the most significant explosions, the ads look great they could be a project in themselves.

On the day that the soviets tested there first ever nuclear weapon, this article was published in the New York Times saying that the Soviets do not have the "H-Bomb."

Some amazing slow-mo pics of a bomb test in nevada + ink, more to come.

The area of London that would be completely destroyed by the largest nuclear weapon ever tested (Tsar Bomba) The 'Total Destruction' zone shown here expands outside the M25. There would be little or no survivors from this area, although the total damage is far greater than this (up to distances of 1000km) the shockwave travelled around the earth three times.

A collage of a mushroom cloud, text is a statement made by the US defense office the day after they dropped nukes on hiroshima and nagasaki, it continues to plan 3 further detonations in September.

Mushroom Cloud (tsar bomba) collage mock up.

Projecting the image to trace.

First Outline

Fractal-isation of drawing for collage.

Close up of the 'to collage' areas.

The force of the Tsar Bomba explosion was 50,000 kt, Hiroshima was only 15kt and nagasaki 21kt, the second largest ever tested is Bravo (USA) 25,000kt. The plan is to collage in the areas with photos of other explosions so that the combined KT of all the bombs in the photos add up to 50,000.

Im just about to go an photocopy the above pics (set of 50) as im not sure weather i want to use the colour photographs for realism or more textured black and white, enlarged photocopies.

This is where ive been hanging out to relax, this is the waterfront 30 seconds from my house, and then i jump over the fence to hang in the pool (below)

So Im looking forward at my last week in Miami, we have an exhibition in the studio on Saturday 4th September, so I need to try and finish this collage by tomorrow so I have the rest of the week to decide wether i like it or not and do something else. At least I have something to show. 

Until then folks, all my love. 
Flan. x

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